Picking the right exercise

For most doing exercise as part of a life change plan is a lost cause, often before it even starts.  The commitment required to keep at it is just too much.  Conventional wisdom also pushes towards some sort of gym connection.  The expectation is : go to the gym, exercise, loose weight and look perfect.

And though this can be true, few ever really achieve success following this path.

The problem is boredom.  It is so hard to get excited about exercise if it is a chore and especially if it is boring.  You will keep on finding reasons not to do it.  Guaranteed fail.

For me there were three things that solved this problem.

Do something you love.

If you love the thing you are doing for exercise, it is very easy to stay the path.  It also does not really matter what it is, as long as you keep moving.  Whether it is cycling, running, walking, hiking, martial arts, Tai Chi, yoga kayaking, dancing or whatever.  Find the thing you love and do that.

Make sure it can be repeated.

Whatever you choose to do, be sure that you can repeat it over and over, until you meet your goals.  No point in doing something that you can do once or twice only or that is too restrictive.


Be sure to connect with people over it.  Whether you meet them there or they come with you.  Friends will keep you motivated.  Call you when you don’t show up.  Make it enjoyable when you go.  If your exercise becomes a social activity it is very easy to keep on going.  This will prove true even if the actual exercise is not that inspiring.

That’s it. Find what you love, make some friends, keep on doing it.