What Motivates You

When we make a choice to change, the decision is often followed by some half hearted attempt to affect the change, and then dismal failure.  After numerous attempts for most of us the choice not to change becomes just easier.

Why then is it so easy to fail?  Why is it so hard to succeed? Why …?

Rather than focusing on the reasons for failure why not focus on what really motivates us.  These are the questions that will decide our success or failure.

What is your real motivation? Why do you want to change?  What would you do to achieve it?

The funny thing about this is that even the threat of impending death is rarely enough to actually motivate us.  Consider this.

Do you like to eat chocolate or baked goods filled with sugary goodness?  If you do, I have to ask.  Are you not afraid of diabetes and obesity and all the issues that stem from that?  If you are, why do you continue to eat it then?  You like it?…

The reality is that most things that are not clearly impending (and sometimes not even then) are enough to motivate us to change, and stay the course when we do.  We need something else.

Think of something you like to do.  Something that gets you out of bed.  Something that is not hard to do over and over again.  What makes you do that?

I simply love doing the things that I love to do.  I enjoy social interaction a lot.  An opportunity to hang out with friends and of course meet some new ones.  Easy to do every single day.

Knowing this and knowing that I needed to do some exercise then helped me figure out that I needed to find a way to combine the two.

I do Zumba (and some other) classes.  Exercise, social interaction.  Lots of friends.  Love it, love it, love it….

I have been motivated, and continue to be so for years now.

That is the secret.  Find what you love, combine it with what you need, and see the change happen.

Simple as that.