Keeping Change Permanent

As if reaching weight loss goals are not hard enough, once you reach those goals, staying on track and not reverting back to your previous self is nearly impossible.  In most instances, once goals are reached we tend to sigh  and then revert back to old habits.  Habits that got us to the unhappy place to begin with.

Therein the crux of our success, and failure.

It’s about habits.

In order to succeed at your weight loss, you would have had to develop and maintain some very specific habits to help you get there.  Once you reach your goals however, those habits do not work any more.  At some point you want to stop loosing weight.

Stopping the habits that got you there however will likely prove disastrous. Rather than stopping your habits keep on following them but adapt them to your new situation.  This may require some experimentation, however if you keep your weight loss habits as a foundation and always revert back to that in case your adjustments do not work, you will be able to stay the path.

This is the secret.  Keep the habits that helped you to loose weight.  Adjust the habits slightly to your new situation.  Keep on experimenting until you find the right mix.

That’s it.  Simple. Effective. Proven.