We Only Live Once

I was chatting to a good friend the other day, discussing the challenges associated with eliminating sugar out of any diet. And though we could not fully agree on the merits of such an action, she did make a statement that was rather disconcerting for it’s intent and context.  It was even more so since I have heard this statement from so many people in my life with similar context.  It is a defeatist statements.  It serves as an excuse for doing so many life destroying things.

“We only live once…”

Does that mean that it is fine to eat poison (things like sugar and chocolate and greasy cholesterol ridden foods), just because we must?  Because it will hurt or kill you sooner or later.  Or perhaps we should just jump out of a plane without a parachute.  Might be more fun and quicker at least.  I mean if suicide is your desire….

We only live once after all. Right?…

A little extreme, I know..

For me the realisation of the meaning of this statement however, holds a somewhat different meaning.  A question of how great will that life be?

I want to do things just because I can.  I want to live a long and healthy life.  I do not wish to die young and I most certainly do not wish live my life in a state of illness and discomfort for any duration of time.   If I am sticking around, I want to enjoy my life.  All of it.

So let’s stop using this as excuse for destructive behaviour and rather use it as a motivation for creating a better life.  A healthier life.  A life that is actually worth living, where we can live it focusing on things that really matter, rather than these trivial yet oh so destructive behaviours.

Live, love and enjoy the things that really matter.  And make it last if you can…. Just my two cents….