You have decided to start your weight loss journey.  You are motivated and excited to get things moving.  Even more so by the image of who you expect to be after you have succeeded.  Beautiful body is your destiny.  You know, like in the magazines…

And the promises.  Near instant results are always guaranteed?….

Getting started is often easy enough for most of us.  Unfortunately shortly after getting started, reality will hit you right down if you let it.

Here is the truth.

Every fitness model in every magazine has worked long and hard for their look.  And by work I do not just mean exercise or diet or any one thing.  For them to have reached their success, they will have had to make a real commitment to carefully manage every aspect of their lives, with a single minded focus.  Get there and stay there.

They would also have had to do so for a long time.  Their success will have taken many years of blood, sweat and tears. Many years of sacrificing many things that we often take for granted.  The illusion that you could be fat today and thin and hot tomorrow, with little effort and time is just that.  An illusion.  Sure it is spellbinding, but an illusion nonetheless.

Obsession is what it will take. This means:

  • You will have to diet with single minded obsession.
  • You will have to exercise with single minded obsession.
  • You will have prioritise your life with single minded obsession.
  • You will have to live through, pain and discomfort, with single minded obsession.
  • You will have to sacrifice many things in your life, with single minded obsession.
  • You will have to do all of these at the same time for a long time, with single minded obsession.

It will be uncomfortable. It will be painful.  It will be hard.  It will also be fun. It will be exciting. And it will be worth it in ways that you cannot imagine.

Trust me on this one thing.  It is so worth it…