What Do Your Habits Do For You?

Consider this.  How did you get here? What were the things that led you to a point where things are bad enough for you to think about changing things?

Not surprising is that most often it is not one or two single things that have caused you to become the person you are now, but rather a confluence of many things and events.  Many things joining together towards this result. That makes it especially hard to change.

More often than not it is also very difficult to find the root causes of what got you here, and will require considerable amounts of therapy to resolve, or..

In reality what causes us to become the person that we are so dissatisfied with does not really matter that much, but rather what it takes to actually change successfully.  And often it will prove to be the smallest of things that will lead to a totality of success.

Habits.   Do your habits enslave you, or work for you?

Therein the problem, and the solution.  For most of us, over time, we have developed significant number habits.  Habits that have created the you that you are now.

To create someone new then it means that you will have to create new habits.  Habits that drive you towards the person you want to be.

Easier said than done, I know but if you really want to change, it can be done.

Pick one small habit. Something that should not be to hard to change.  Change it.  It takes about 21 days for a new thing to become a habit.  Add another, and another, until you have a totality of habits that will create the exacting you that you wish to be.

Let your habits work for you, instead of being their slave.

This way you can create the person you wish to be, rather than the person you are now.

Simple as that.

In Pursuit of Happiness

It amazes me everyday how much I have compromised in my life, often for reasons, which really does not make that much sense.  Every compromise, however small or large, slowly chiseling away at my happiness, slowly moving me into a compromised state of comfort.

To make things worse, the comfort became so addictive that I fiercely protected it nearly to the point of my own destruction, and still do to some degree.  And though this may not have been conscious, my behavior continued to drag me down deeper and deeper into the abyss.  Every action I took reinforcing my resolve to stay comfortable (and more lost).

At some point however, I started realizing that this does not actually constitute or enhance happiness of any kind.  If anything it only caused anxiety and depression, ever deepening.  So much so that it drove me straight into what could only be described as an early midlife crisis.  I needed to change my life.  Dramatically….

When I finally realized this, I did make some changes and continue to do so.  I was very overweight. I am no longer that.  I was living an extremely unhealthy lifestyle.  I live an active and healthy lifestyle now.  I hated my job.  I am working very hard on changing that. All-round things are looking up, though still not quite there yet.

In this process, which has so far spanned several years, I have learnt this :

  1. You need to know what it is you want to change.  Even though you may not know the destination, if you identify things you are unhappy with you can start working on those.
  2. You have to want it.  Really want it…
  3. It will be uncomfortable.  Everything around you will rebel against your change.  Try to stop you and drag you back down.
  4. You need a plan.  What are you going to do to affect the change?  And then do it.
  5. Never Stop. Just don’t.  Just keep going until you get there…

Following this formula slowly but surely you will reclaim your life and your happiness.

Slowly but surely…..

Group Fitness. The things I do…

Over the past few years I found myself testing and trying various different fitness approaches, trying to figure out the things that work for me and I like.

I tried several of the activities available in my local gym including, treadmill, circuit and weights.  Found all of these rather tedious fairly quickly.  Not wanting to give up, I thought I would give group fitness a go.  This proved my bliss, so over time I have established a mix of classes that do everything for me that I need and more.

Les Mills – Body Combat

High intensity cardiovascular workout.  Get’s my heart pumping and increased my fitness to the highest level it has ever been. My resting pulse is below 50 and I feel like a man half my age.  It also combines mixed martial arts into the workout.  There is a point to doing this class that goes beyond just exercise.  Significantly more effective than a treadmill and a lot more fun.  Even when the instructor is shouting at you…

Les Mills – Body Pump

Group fitness weight class.  Using weights choreographed to rhythmic music you get a full body weight lifting workout.  Easy enough to challenge yourself if you want to.  If you find a good instructor, motivation is easy and the results are phenomenal.  I use this for muscle building.  Great substitute for any weight or circuit work that you could do, and considerably more fun.

Les Mills – CXWorx

Good solid 30 minute core work fitness class.  Focuses from the neck down to your but.  Front and back.  Though I admit this is probably not my favourite class, and most certainly I would not drive to the gym just for this class, I have seen some near instant benefit from this.  Improved core strength, balance and many other benefits especially when tacked onto another group fitness class.

Les Mills – Body Flow

I do this mostly as a resting day workout. As a Yoga – Thai Chi – Pilates based class it is a fabulous stretch.  It certainly is a good workout if it is your only workout.  For me it is about keeping me moving and flexible. I do a lot of tough fitness work and this makes a massive difference to my bodies ability to endure the challenges of these.


Let the party start.  A dance fitness class that will keep you coming back over and over and over.  In fact I love it so much I ended up taking the instructor training.  Loads of fun and a great workout if you are looking to up your cardiovascular fitness.

No matter what anyone says.  If you are not trying to be a competing body builder, group fitness is the way to go.  Not only will it help you reach your goals but it will let you do it with joy.  It is fun, engaging and worth the trouble.  Works for me…