Train To Fail

As if working out is not hard enough, to actually progress you have to get uncomfortable.  Very uncomfortable.  The rule is that unless it is uncomfortable, it does not change you.

Fortunately when you are just starting out, everything will prove uncomfortable, so this is not a significant problem.  It is however very easy to reach a level and then plateau.  A trap that many fall into.

“I am working out after all”…

True… and that is good, but are you making progress or just staying the same?

Unless staying the same is your goal, I suspect you will find you are less and less motivated to work out since you are not making any real progress.

As you progress, and with time, it will get harder to get uncomfortable.  You have to work harder, do more difficult things and just overall push yourself more. It is also harder to identify when you have reached a plateau point.  The weights you are moving will be heavy no doubt, but heavy enough?  You reach the end of your run fast enough?

This is the tricky, or not so tricky part.  To be sure that you are working your max and so progress, simply “Train to fail”  That’s right. Train whatever muscle you are training until it cannot do it any more.  When your muscle reaches fail, you are at capacity, and most certainly will be uncomfortable.  That means change and progress.

When you can train through an entire set without failing, you are ready to up the pressure.  Add more reps or add more weight.  Until you fail again.  And then see the progress just happen.  Pretty cool really.

I bet you will be surprised at what you can actually do.  And probably even more surprised when you realise how quickly you can progress, get stronger and better at it.

And if you are “crazy” like me…  You will start to really enjoy that moment of failure because every failure means more success.