Fundamental Choice

For every journey that we undertake in life there are a number of key choices that we have to make.  Where are we going?  How are we going to get there? What are we willing to do to get there?  The list is never ending and some choices will be hard. Others not so much.  Not that important…

What is important is whether the choices we make are fundamental enough to cause action to the point of success.  You want to find a new job?  If you have fundamentally chosen to do this, you will start looking and applying for new jobs until you find a new job.  If not fundamental, you are just really pondering the possibility of making that choice, and you probably will not find a new job.

You want to become fit and healthy?……

To test whether a choice is really fundamental or not, ask yourself this :

  • Have I acted on my choice?
  • What am I willing to do to achieve my objective?

If your answers to these questions are anything less than “Yes” and “Whatever It Takes”, you have not really made a choice.

The next question is whether your actions reflect your answers?  Are you really doing whatever it takes, no limits.  If the answer is yes… it’s fundamental.  If not… not so much.

Understandably you are required to prioritise your life and build your choices around where you are now.  The measure however remains the same.  What are you willing to do?   How fundamental your choice will directly affect your success at achieving the objectives of that choice.  “Whatever it takes..”

Having trouble sticking the path of your choice?… If so….  Have you really chosen?

Up to you to make the choice… or not…