The Will Power Muscle

How many times have you been tempted to do something that you are not sure you really should?  How often have you just done it anyway, no matter how bad it potentially is for you?  Chocolate bar?  Cake? Chips?…….

No Will Power right?..

Wrong.  As it turns out it is not a question of whether you have Will Power or not, but rather a question of whether the reason you are resisting is important enough for you to keep on resisting.  Want to loose weight?… Really important?….  I wonder….

Mostly it boils down to how badly you want it.  If you want it bad enough, chances are you will be able to resist.  If it is really important, but still really hard to resist, you just need some practice.

Will Power is actually something you can grow, strengthen and even control.  Not unlike any muscle in your body, you can train it.  If you keep on telling yourself you have none, you will keep on believing it.  However.  If you have said no to a specific temptation once, the second time will be easier. And the 3rd even more so.

Sometimes temptations are so big that it is nearly impossible to resist.  Compounded resistance sometimes causes increased desire.  If you are hungry and come face to face with a chocolate or cake….mmmm… No easy task to avoid.

The solution for me was to eat something else.  Anything else “not bad” like an apple.  More often than not you will get the gratification your need, though since you resisted the chocolate, it will be without the guilt and even strengthen your resolve to keep on resisting.

If you can resist buying it, you can easily resist eating it.  Last. Develop some habits that will help you avoid temptations, and before you know it, even when faced with a temptation, it will prove not to be one.