Just Do It.

“But I must figure out what I am going to do first?”

Although having a good plan to move you towards reaching your weight loss and fitness goals is great, I have been amazed by how much time people spend on planning and research and whatever else they can come up with to help them figure out how to proceed.  And all that time all they are achieving is… nothing.

The planning phase often proves to be just another way to procrastinate before getting started.  And too often this procrastination just ends up leading nowhere.

The secret to succeeding, when it comes to weight loss and fitness, is to “just do it“.  Stop spending so much time on planning that will likely never end up going anywhere anyway. You will figure out what you need along the way.

Planning to do exercise and how and what you are going to do, is not actually exercise.  Instead do this.

  • If cycling is your thing. Get on a bike and ride it.
  • If you are planning to go to the gym. Put on some clothes, get off your butt and go.
  • If you are thinking about group fitness, maybe a Zumba class.  Just go at your next earliest opportunity.
  • Run?… Put on shoes and go.

Sure. Work out a schedule if you feel the need to. Plan some if you really need to.

Here is the thing.  So many things I’ve tried along my journey are things I now hate, even though I’ve planned to do them.

Instead, I found things that I do like to do and have been naturally evolving into those.  Personally I do not much like the weight training room at the gym.  And a treadmill.  Have to be pretty desperate.  I have been doing a large number of varying group fitness classes.  I love those and have actually started planning my life around those as soon as I figured that out.  So my original plan… Well….

That’s the deal.  If you want to succeed at reaching your goals, stop finding reasons to postpone getting started.  Just get up and do it.  You will figure out the rest as you go along.