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From A Blimp to A Racecar
« on: April 17, 2017, 05:35:57 PM »
Rolling out of bed one morning, around one and half years before my 40th birthday, I realised that unless I changed myself dramatically, my life was essentially over. At the current rate I was expecting to have diabetes within 10 years and probably die by the time I was 60 or at the very least be a decrepit and sickly old man. I did not like the prospect of that much.

I decided I needed to change, and so I did.

This book provides a detailed step by step account of everything I did to achieve a level of success that even I did not imagine possible. Every trick. Every secret. Every step. I lost 80 pounds. I have kept it all off. I love my new body and the life that comes with it.

I know it is possible since I proved it so. I also know that you can do it following my steps.
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