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Fitness Specific Health and Immunity / Sweat Rash and Sores
« on: July 08, 2017, 03:23:36 PM »
I live in a coastal city, which in summer has very high humidity.  I train about 12 hours a week which means lots of sweat.  Since in the high humidity the sweat does not evaporate as easily, and especially since my training is mostly indoors, it seems I developed a sweat rash on the inside of my one knee.  Slight redness and a burning sensation in the affected area.  I tried an antibiotic ointment, and that did not seems to work at all.

I finally went to my local pharmacist who suggest that I apply an anti-fungal cream, which contains Clotrimazole.  Apparently this works also for Athlete's foot, Jock Itch and scaling.

I started applying this today. Let's see how it goes.

Exercise and Home / Treadmill
« on: June 26, 2017, 07:20:30 PM »
I was chatting to a friend about using the treadmill.  Having spent some time on a treadmill myself I realised on thing in particular.  Treadmill work, though somewhat helpful, is not particularly effective for improving yourself.

The problem with treadmill work is that we always tend to walk or run at a pace that is comfortable.  The reality is that if you want to progress you need to get uncomfortable.  On a treadmill there is really only one way to achieve that.  Run harder than what is comfortable.

That is easier said than done.  The solution is to take a HIIT approach.  Walk / run comfortable for 2.5 minutes then run as hard as you can for 30 seconds.  Then repeat.  That's it.

Personal Training and Coaching / How to select your personal trainer
« on: June 17, 2017, 12:45:12 PM »
Most of the personal trainers, that I have met over the years, have their own fitness journeys they are following.  One will be a heavy weight lifter, another a fighter.  Others will be focused on body building or whatever...  There are many varieties.  These personal pursuits tend to permeate through very significantly in the type and style of training you should expect from your trainer.  It will be the area where they have the most experience and expertise, because they hold a personal interest in. This means that it would be wise for you to select a trainer who's personal goals somewhat match your interests.  It will serve you really well.

The experience of the trainer is a second very important consideration. Because making a career out of personal training is so intrinsically difficult, more often than not, gyms hire and replace many new trainers frequently.  This means that you have a constant mill of new trainers, most of which lack any real experience, and never really get any significant experience before moving on to something better.  They may have the training, but experience is a problem.  When you select your trainer it is very important that you select someone with a little more experience.  Pick a trainer that has been around for a little while.  Chances are those ones are the ones that will actually be able to help you.  They are obviously good enough to make a living out of it.

Last but not the least, make sure you are at least reasonably comfortable with the person you select.  I realize that this may prove hard to assess, but for a start I would suggest that you ask yourself if you would be willing to follow a particular person's instructions?  Would you trust them enough to really do it?  If they push you to do something hard, will you do it?  If they got into your personal "bubble", would this be comfortable for you?  It does happen...

Diet Plans / Diet Plan Failure
« on: June 11, 2017, 05:02:35 AM »
As if following a diet plan is not hard enough, once you reach your goal, sticking to something that works to maintain, or stop you from just reverting back to the old you, is really hard.

The problem with most diet plans are that they do not actually create habits.  All they do is help you loose weight, sortoff, and then cut you loose with unrealistic approaches to keeping it going.

The answer for me was habit.  When I started my diet it was hard, but I was able to turn it to a habit.  One which I was able to maintain and keep going for 4 years now. 

That is the crux.  No habits, failure guaranteed.  With habits, the results will speak for themselves.

Fitness Specific Injury / Yoga injuries - Messed up knees
« on: May 26, 2017, 06:01:42 AM »
Surprisingly the injuries that I have had the most difficulty overcoming are Yoga injuries.  In particular a knee injury.  How?  By not paying attention to the instructions properly. 

Make no mistake, Yoga ( Bodyflow for me) is one of my favourite workouts.  Excellent stretch and a wonderful to keep your body moving.  Unfortunately because you are putting strain on joints, muscles and tendons that you are not likely accustomed to normally straining. 

My biggest injury was as a result of over extending my knees in a simple fold.  Instead of bending my knees forward (loosely) like the instructor said, I would not have had an injury. This meant that I injured my one knee fairly severely.  Got pretty bad and though it is on the mend, I am 6 months in after the injury and it is still not fully healed up.  It slows my training down, and simply annoys me. 

The point.  Do what the instructor says, even if you are not sure why.  Just do it.  Prevention is definitely better than cure.

Trust me.

Fitness Specific Injury / Achilles Tendon discomfort
« on: May 24, 2017, 11:00:50 AM »
I have experienced a legion of issues and injuries throughout my fitness journey. One in particular was somewhat unnerving. I started experience considerable discomfort in both my Achilles tendons.  Made doing my regular exercise painful and unpleasant.

Rather than spend large amounts of money doctors to help me figure out what was wrong I spent some time with an athletics shoe store sales person.  Turns out the heel to toe ratio of your shoes could cause issues for you, if it is wrong.  In fact the ratio in my case needed only to be adjusted by 2 millimetres.  That was it.

I did have to change shoe brands to find the right ratio but as it turns out the solution was as simple as that.  2 millimetres =  no more Achilles tendon issues. 

Thought it was worth sharing

As part of my regular meal plan, focused on muscle growth, I eat a larger than regular amount of protein in the form of meat (more hypertrophic) .  This increases the natural acidity levels of the body which for me has caused gout in my hands especially. 

To counteract this I have starting drinking lemon juice regularly up to one full glass a day.  This has been very effective to combat the acidity levels.  My immunity system also appears to have been boosted by doing this.  The affects of the seasonal flu and colds were noticeably reduced as well.

Group Fitness / Les Mills - Body Combat
« on: May 04, 2017, 05:01:10 PM »
One of my favourite group fitness classes.  High intensity cardio workout with mixed martial arts thrown in to make this a workout that is about more than just exercise. 

I especially like release 71 where they have brought us a fabulous track 4 and 5 with HIIT well integrated into the workout.

Gets me breathing.  Fabulous

Muscle Growth / What is the secret to muscle growth
« on: April 30, 2017, 04:43:40 PM »
I was chatting to a good friend, who was clearly successful at the muscle thing, and asked him to share his secrets.  He offered these three :
  • Work you butt off when you are at the gym.
  • Protein.  Eat lots of protein.
  • Time.  He had been training for 6 years to get where he was at.
Simple as that apparently...

Food Talk / Suicide by sugar
« on: April 27, 2017, 07:29:38 PM »
I thought I would share some of the health problems that research has found to be caused by sugar :

  • Fat build up around organs - leads to liver disease
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease and Strokes
  • Tense blood vessel walls - Increases blood pressure
  • High Cholesterol - Increases bad cholesterol levels and inhibits ability to process
  • Alzheimers - (type 3 diabetes)
  • Addiction - which cause cravings, increases bad eating habits and reduces willpower to resist
  • Steals energy - Spikes in blood sugar and the bodies fight to stabilise levels will mess with your energy levels
  • Causes depression

Many more no doubt.  Stop eating it if you can.

Promotional / From A Blimp to A Racecar
« on: April 17, 2017, 05:35:57 PM »
Rolling out of bed one morning, around one and half years before my 40th birthday, I realised that unless I changed myself dramatically, my life was essentially over. At the current rate I was expecting to have diabetes within 10 years and probably die by the time I was 60 or at the very least be a decrepit and sickly old man. I did not like the prospect of that much.

I decided I needed to change, and so I did.

This book provides a detailed step by step account of everything I did to achieve a level of success that even I did not imagine possible. Every trick. Every secret. Every step. I lost 80 pounds. I have kept it all off. I love my new body and the life that comes with it.

I know it is possible since I proved it so. I also know that you can do it following my steps.

Food Talk / Making food prep easier
« on: April 10, 2017, 08:11:24 AM »
I thought it might be worth sharing.  One of the simplest food prep options is a steamer.  I use a steamer to prepare most of my vegetables, rice, potatoes and pretty much everything else I can. 

The food tastes better than if prepared in a pot or microwave.  It is also easier to prepare.  You put the food in the steamer and leave it for 30-50 minutes.  Food cooked.  No need to slave over a hot stove. 

I love it.  It saves time, it is healthier and it tastes better.


As it turns out I was reading through the label on a new protein isolate that I have just starting to take as part of my protein supplement regimen.  It turns out that even though it does not contain any nuts or related ingredients, it does have a warning which states that cross contamination is possible since it is produced in a factory that also processes these things.  The previous protein shake it turns out also had the same warning.

This is a real challenge.  I would be very excited for anyone that might be able to make some suggestions for this.

It seems that generally the fitness supplement industry does not care much about allergies.  Very frustrating.  Would love some suggestions.

Goal Setting / Just for Today
« on: March 30, 2017, 05:01:17 PM »
I have found it very useful to have an overall measurable fitness / weight loss goal, though attaching a firm timeline to it seems complicated and demotivating.  To keep on going I have found that focusing on doing the right thing, just for today. Every day, over and over until you reach your end goal.

Just for today

I have a very close friend who has severe peanut allergies (Epipen severe).  It also seems that there is nothing available that even remotely seems like a protein bar that does not contain some nut ingredients, and even if not, have not been produced in a factory where cross contamination is likely.  Very frustrating.  Was wondering if anyone had some suggestions and thoughts on how to solve this issue?

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